Crownbake’s set included a unique combination of both flowers Russian Piping tips along with the new Sphere Ball shaped tip.


crownbake-ball-shaped-russian-piping-tipsIf you never heard about Sphere Ball Tip, you can read on our blog here about everything you need to know. Russian Sphere Ball Tips can be used to really dress up your cupcakes, they are very simple to use extra fun and if you ever you ever visited the bakery and wondered how they get their cupcakes swirled so perfectly? Sphere Ball Tips are the top secrete.

Have you ever tried to do a bakery swirl with regular icing tips and failed?

If the answer to either of these questions (or both of these questions) is “yes,” then we have great news for you.  With the Russian Ball Sphere tips in the CrownBake 32 piece starter set, you can achieve the same swirled perfection.

With our set, you receive to Russian Ball Sphere tips.  Each one has a different effect.With the Russian Sphere Ball Tips, you can achieve two simply gorgeous effects.  You can make the classic cupcake swirl pictured to the right.  You simple pipe on the icing, and give the icing a slight twist as you apply. This is the simplest way to use this nozzle.
crownbake-best-russian-piping-tips-holiday-sale-2016-sphere-ball-tips In addition, you can use the same tip create a ruffled effect.  You can make this happen by wiggling the piping tip slightly back and forth as you build the icing. Remove pressure and lift slightly away to form the tip at the top.  It takes some practice but the look is fabulous.

These can be used to make single color or multi-colored decorations for your cupcakes.

First, I am first sharing a YouTube video which uses a single color.

The next YouTube Video below shows you how to achieve the ruffled effect and a beautiful rainbow of colors..

The important thing is to master the ball tip techniques.   Once you master the motions of swirling or ruffling your icing, you build from there.   Adding additional layers colors to the piping bags is a fun way to add color but should be done after you have mastered the initial skills to use the Sphere Tips.

Also, it is worth noting that you will use a buttercream icing of a stiff consistency to ice using the Russian Sphere Ball Tip techniques.  It is essential that the icing is of a stiffer texture so that your ruffles and swirls hold their great shape.


When you have a great icing, you get great results. Therefore, the awesome development team at CrownBake has developed two perfect recipes for use with your icing tips.

Our first icing is Classic Buttercream. This icing has a sweet but creamy flavor and you can customize it with flavored extracts.  It pipes beautifully and holds its shape well.

Our second icing is a chocolate ganache.  We developed this recipe to offer you a chocolate alternative that is thicker and stiffer than most chocolate icing recipes.Have fun to master your Russian Ball Sphere Tip techniques. And please feel free to share photos of your successes with us!