The Russian tips are all about wowing your guests and take your decorating skills to a new level. In our set, you’ll find two fantastic Ball Shaped Sphere Tips, after testing a bunch of Sphere tips, we decided to include these two in our set for two reasons, they created the most beautiful shapes, and they were the easiest to handle and use.


If you never used Russian Ball Tips before, We recommend for you to read first with our post about Everything You Need To Know About Those Large Sphere Tips. If you are already familiar with them and you want to create a more advanced look, this Tutorial, is for you, Let get started.

Which Frosting To Use

For the Ball shaped tips, you can use a thick whipped cream and not just buttercream. They are fun to use, and after you play with them a bit, you’ll see how easy is to create a beautiful ruffled look in just seconds.

Do I Need a Coupler?

The trick is pretty simple and can be implemented with just two colors and even up to 4-5. You don’t need a tri-coupler to do it or any coupler to be honest. We used our coupler so we could switch quickly between the tips, but if you are set on a specific tip shape, you can leave out the coupler this time.

Create A Tri-Colored Ruffle LookIn 5 Easy Steps With Ball Shaped Tips

  1. Decided on the color combines you are aiming for.
  2. Make you frosting; each color gets a pastry bag without any tip.
  3. Choose the tip you want to use, or use a coupler if you want to be able to switch the tips. Insert it into a pastry bag.
  4. Place your colored frosting bags inside of the empty pastry bag with the tip, Shake until all bags are located in the button part of the coupler or end of the bag.
  5. Squeeze and release the frosting make sure you get all of the colors, and you are ready to go.


The result is impressive no doubt. We choose the combination of ice-cream pastel colors, perfect for a Birthday celebration, baby shower or any other occasion you want to wow your guest.

For more inspiration images make sure to check out our Gallery section. For more awesome Tutorials, be sure also to check out our Tutorial category. As always don’t forget to send us your creation we’ll be happy to post them!