Our Russian piping tips are meant to take your cake and cupcakes decorating abilities to a much more professional level. You don’t need to be a top baker to succeed. 

A Few Basic Things

  1. Frosting – This is probably the biggest thing you should focus on when you are using Russian Piping Tips. It’s all about the frosting. The idea behind these tips is simple. Each tip has a unique pattern or a stencil cut on it which is designed to create a type or a flower, part of a flower leafs and petals. To get each curve, you need a steady frosting. Make your frosting. Be sure that you can always use one of our frosting recipes. You need a pretty consistency frosting; a soft frosting will simply collapse, and you’ll not get the desired result.
  2. Set Quality– Don’t be tempted to purchase low-quality sets, you need to make sure your tips are 100% Stainless Steel. This means they are durable and will last.
  3. Pastry Bag – Make sure you use a sturdy pastry bag since your frosting if you use a low-quality bag most changes are that it will break once you squeeze, make sure you use on of your bags or buy a durable one.
  4. Practice -As we said before no particular technique in required to do these flowers, but if you are new to this, you should practice a bit just to make sure you are getting “the hang of it.” Like all things in life, practice brings perfect. Yes, you don’t need to be a pastry chef to get it, but you do need to practice a bit before getting a good result.

After learning the basics about the Russian Tips, now it’s time to decorate. Each tip will create a different type of a flower of a petal. Here’s a useful chart that will help you understand what each tip is doing.


Use your giving coupler, insert the end of it to the bag, place the nozzle you want to use and close the coupler. If you are not familiar with using a coupler, check our post about How To Use a Coupler.

Fill in the bag with your chosen frosting, hold the piping bag at a 90 degrees angle from the cake or cupcake, squeeze, let the frosting comes out slowly and in control then pull up slowly to release the flower. Don’t forget you should always use a good and firm frosting and to complete to flower look you can always add beautiful leafs using our leaf pipe tip.


Common mistakes

  1. You don’t get a detailed flowered – The reason for that in most cases is because the frosting it too soft, you need to thicken it. If you used our recipe and still your frosting is soft, it means that your butter is too soft, simple place the frosting into the fridge for a few minutes and then try again, squeeze each time and see if you get your detailed flower.common-mistakes-russian-piping-tips

  2. Pastry Bag Breaks – Since you are using a thicker frosting you need a durable pastry bag. Otherwise, once you squeeze the icing out, the bag will break.  The pastry bags in our set are durable make sure to use one of these or buy only durable bags.

    We hope you’ll enjoy our set, Don’t forget that you can always contact us for additional information and help