In our Deluxe Russian Piping Tips set, you are getting one of the most known and useful Leaf Tip to add gorgeous Leafs to your flowers.


Using the Leaf tip you are able to give your flowers a complete look. The Leaf Tip, is small than the Russian tips, it can be used to do other types of decoration but using it to make petals and leafs is super easy and fun.   Using one of our bags, place your Leaf tip inside, fill in with a frosting of your choice, remember you can always use one of our great recipe for beautiful steady frosting, don’t forget to add a green food coloring to color your frosting green.


To create beautiful leafs hold the tip at a 45 degrees angle, making sure the V shape opening is to its side, and press and release the frosting to create leafs. You can make different kinds of leafs. By shaking the tip for example while you are piping, you’ll get a ruffled leaf. You’d be surprised how easy it is to create stunning Leafs to your flowers.


Our leaf tip makes it easy for you to create those leafs easily while getting a professional result.

Here a fantastic video by which shows perfectly what you can do with our tip