The Russian piping tips are bigger than the ordinary tips you probably know; that’s why our set includes one large coupler to fit the nozzles.

Using a coupler you can quickly switch back and forth nozzles on the same pastry bag, so you can experience with all of the available designs and choose the one you want. Each coupler has two sections, the base which you insert into the piping bag and a ring to screw on the selected icing tip to secure it in place. If you never used a coupler before, you are going to be amazed.


How to Attach The Coupler to the Pastry Bag?

  1.  Take your base coupler insert into the frosting bag
  2. Cut the bag until you can push a bit the tip on the coupler base, make sure not to over cut it or your coupler will jump off the bag Choose your tip.
  3. Place over the base Secure tightly with the coupler’s ring.
  4. Once the coupler and tips are in place, you are ready to add your frosting into the bag. A good tip is to use a big glass or even a vase, just place the bag inside and fold the bag on the glass edges, and now both of your hands will be available to place the frosting into the bag.