Russian piping tips are best known for decorating cupcakes and cakes with beautiful buttercream flowers. The tips are designed to create several types of flowers and petals making your decoration skill go to the next level.

Our sets included a lot of cool designs but like any icing tip, the Russian piping tips are also versatile. Sure, they have a unique stencil, a pattern which is meant to produce a certain shape but you can totally use them in several ways. Today we are going to show you how to use the Stamens tip to create fun and super cute Cookie Monster style cupcakes.

First, we’ll start to make our buttercream frosting – you can find the recipe here, don’t forget to add some blue food coloring. Second, You’ll need to make the eyes and the cookies. The eyes are made out of sugar dough. It is pretty fast and easy. The mini chocolate cookies can be either bought or baked. You can make the eyes in advance before you even start to bake the cupcakes or make the buttercream since you need them to be dry before you assemble the monster.

Assembling the cupcake is super easy and totally freestyle. In order to get a good and well-defined shape you do need a firm frosting, this is basically the secret to creating these cupcakes. Make sure to follow our recipe, and of course if you have another buttercream recipe you love to use, feel free to use it but you need to make sure that your buttercream is steady. What’s fun about this cupcake that you really don’t need to be an expert to make these cuties. Piping the blue hair really doesn’t require any special technique, simply squeeze and release in a fast motion.

After making the buttercream, simply add the cream to your piping bag, don’t forget first to place the relevant Russian Piping tip, and you are good to go. Start by piping in a circle until the cupcake is covered.

After you are done piping the hair, add the cookie, you can even use a half of a cookie so the proportion will be better, and place the eyes. Make sure to place the eyes opposite to get the cute cross-eyed look.

If you are looking to add some playfulness to your next party or just make these cuties to the ones you love, you’d be surprised how fun it will be. Don’t forget if you end up doing these, send us some pictures!! We would love to see and post them.