If you have purchased Russian Piping Tips, you probably are wondering how to take care of them.  Because CrownBake offers Russian Piping Tips in 304 stainless steel, they are durable. In fact, they virtually care free. Therefore, you will enjoy them for many years with a little proper care.


First, let’s start with the science.  This will help you understand why you should take the time to clean them properly. 304 stainless steel is a superior stainless steel for food production. This is because the materials in this grade of stainless steel resist being corroded by foods that contain acids.

Why is this important?  Think about the ingredients in the icings you prepare.  For example, Lemon Cream Cheese icing has a relatively high acidic content.  Because of the lemon, this could be problematic for lesser grade stainless steel.  Of course, this principle applies to other acidic ingredients — limes, oranges, berries.  You get the picture.

However, don’t be afraid with our Russian Piping Tips!  Our tips resist the corrosive ingredients. We selected 304 stainless steel for its durability. Also, you will find that if you clean them directly after using, food does not stick to them. Because they are 304 stainless steel, they clean up quite easily.

best-russian-piping-tips-304-stainless-steelIt’s very easy to wash your Russian Piping Tips after you use them.  First of all, clean your Russian Piping Tips as soon as you finish using them.  Like all dish washing chores, the longer food sits, the more difficult it will be to clean.

First of all, they are dishwasher safe.  Just remove the coupler and tip, put them in the small basket in your dishwasher and wash.  It is best if you put on your drying cycle so that you don’t leave any unsightly water marks.

However, it’s easy to care for your Russian Piping Tips even if you don’t have a dishwasher.

Start by removing the tip and coupler from the bag. Rinse them under warm water and use a sponge and dish soap to make sure all of the curves are clear and clean. This process takes only two to three minutes.  Easy peasy. After you wash them, dry them off with a lint free towel.

Our team carefully selected each tip and accessory in our set, to make sure you are getting a great value for your money. Finally, here’s why it’s important to remember to take that little bit of proper care after you finish piping. The little bit of time you spend on caring for your Russian Icing Tips after use ensures many years of enjoyable food decorating.

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