Russian Piping Tips are becoming more and more popular. Most people that heard about the Russin Tips are mostly familiar with the Flowers Tips, and not the Sphere Balls one.

The Sphere Tips are different from the Russian flower Pipes they are more like a smart tip that give you the ability to make impressive frosting decorations on your sweets. They are perfect for decorating cakes and cupcakes. The are even bigger than the Russian flower tips, but they do offer a different way to decorate cake and cupcakes. With this Sphere tips, you can make fabulous ruffles look which is fantastic for decorating cakes and also if you like extra frosting on your cupcakes.

crownbake-ball-shaped-russian-piping-tipsThe Sphere Balls continues the single squeeze technique that you are using with the flower tips.

How to Use

Unlike the Flower Russian Tips, here it’s not a most to use a firm frosting, a steadily whipped cream will to the job nicely. In you set we offer a combination of Russian Flowers tips along with two Sphere Balls one. After testing a few different shapes of Ball Shaped tips, We selected the best 2 of the bunch which is the Sphere straight start opening and the Sphere swirl. We think that they give the best and easiest results.

  1. Fill your pastry bag with the frosting of your choice. If you want to be able to switch between tips, don’t forget to use the coupler.
  2. Position the tip in a 90 degrees angle squeeze for 2-3 seconds. To get the proper finish on top make sure to pull and release the tip gently.

In the video below by SugarCoder you can see how to use them.