Russian piping tips are the latest news when it comes to decorating cakes and cupcakes. Mastering how to use them it’s only a matter of time. After practicing and playing with them, you’ll get it. Today we are sharing the five best beginners videos to learn how to use Russian Piping Tips.

We have viewed tons of videos and spent hours on selecting the best ones out there, so you’ll have a smooth start. If you haven’t purchased your CrownBake Deluxe Set, be sure to check out our latest deal on Amazon.

#1 Basic – How To Use An Icing Bag


To begin with, we chose a video which shows you the very first thing.  How to fill an icing bag. Obviously, you must be able to fill the bag with icing before you can even think about piping flowers and decorating beautiful pastries.This baker starts at the very beginning and explains how a piping bag works, how to insert a piping tip, and how to use the coupler.  Also, listen for the tips on how to put icing into the bag. It can be a messy process until you get the hang of it.   But if you follow her instructions, you will have a great chance of getting past the first step of filling the icing bag.

Because this video blogger just took her Russian Piping Tips out of the box and using them with no prior attempts, we love this first video! Therefore, we join her as she makes a few mistakes, corrects herself, and very quickly begins to design with her set.

#2 Experimenting with Russian Piping Tips

We chose a video from a professional baker who has experience with Russian Piping Tips. However, she takes the time to share her knowledge.  She begins with a description of each of her sphere ball tips.  This is valuable because she points out how they are very similar looking.  However, she then demonstrates how they each actually serve a different purpose.  When you receive your CrownBake tips, you will get to see this firsthand!

#3 How to use Russian ball tips for cupcakes

The next video blogger we meet is trying her Russian Piping Tips for the second time.  We love her persistence and patience.  In addition, she is practicing and improving her piping skills with every attempt!  Soon, you will also be improving your piping skills!

#4 Exploring The Different Kinds of Russian Piping Tips

The next baker uses several different Russian Piping Tips to decorate a very pretty cake. She demonstrates how each tip makes a different shape flower. Also, they create different height flowers.  This is a cake that even a beginner can decorate. In addition, she has her cake placed on a turntable. The turntable is a lifesaver! You can turn the cake to you to work on. Otherwise, you would need to reach across your cake to decorate the back side of the cake. If you reach across the cake, you could smudge any decorations you already completed.  For this reason, we chose this video.

#5 Finally, practice is key!

Most people can master using Russian Piping Tips with a little time and practice.  In no time at all, you will be creating beautiful pastries with you CrownBakes tips.