Here on Crownbake we believe that the best way to sell our product is simply by letting our customers sell it for us. We spent a lot of time to create our set so that you will get the best value for your money.

Today we are going to share with your one of our customer’s review on our set.

I am a blog writer, not a professional baker but I do love to bake. I got my crownbake set and since I was so happy with it, I decided to support this quality brand and share my feedback. 

To be fair, I do have a lot of baking experience. But cake decorating has never been “my thing.” I have used traditional piping tips but didn’t like the results. I was interested in learning to decorate cakes.  But somehow I never quite got around to mastering the traditional cake techniques. I decided to share a video of me using my Russian Piping Tips. This was only my third try.  I have no illusions. I am not going to be a professional cake decorator any day soon. However, I did manage to create a very pretty (and tasty) cake.

After receiving my Russian Piping Tips, I realized a few things pretty quickly. First, Russian Piping Tips are relatively easy to use. I found it pretty simple to load the icing into the bag and start piping right away. However, I will need to continue to practice to get the flowers just right. I suggest filling your piping bag and piping a row of flowers onto a sheet of aluminum foil before you attempt to pipe directly onto a cake.

In addition, start simple. Don’t expect yourself to create a perfect cake the first few times. There is nothing wrong with making a simple, one color icing to start out. There are a lot of videos on making two-tone flowers, filling multiple bags for different colors of icing, and changing tips to make various types of flowers. These videos are great! However, they are created by professional cake decorators and bakers.

Also, keep your supplies on hand and within easy reach. Keeping anything you may need and extra supplies nearby will ensure you can work uninterrupted. I have a true story about keeping your supplies nearby. The second time I tried my Russian Piping Tips, my piping bag broke. By this, I mean that as I was piping a large hole opened up on the side of my piping bag. Frosting busted out the side and onto my hands and counter. Fortunately, I had a clean kitchen towel, my spatula, and piping bags nearby.  This made it easy to clean up the mess, fill a new bag, and keep rolling along with my piping.

Finally, don’t be tempted to overfill your piping bag. I know you’ve heard this. But it’s very true. You will want to keep piping and not stop to refill.  But this is setting yourself up for a very messy experience with your Russian Piping Tips.”

Have fun with your new Russian Piping Tips. Please take the time to email us and share your stories!